Find Middle C

Quickly Find Middle C

One of the first question when learning to play piano by number or letter is
“How to Find Middle C”.

First lets watch the video tutorial below. In this video you will learn to locate it in minutes. Second if you prefer written instructions you will find them below with matching descriptive images.

OK now that you know how to find it and you’re ready to play music on your piano, you will want some sheet music to use. We have you covered here as well. Check out our FREE sheet music library.


Instructions with Images

Time Needed : 5 minutes

How to Find Middle C on any size piano keyboard.

  1. Differing sizes of keyboards available.

    In this image the Middle C is the red key on the differing sizes of keyboards available.

  2. How to Count Octaves

    On the image below notice pairs of 2 & 3 black keys for a total of 5 black keys. An octave is a total of the 12 keys (7 white & those 5 black keys). C notes are always the white key directly to the left of the two black keys. The First white key in an octave is the “C” note of that octave. Count the black key pairs and this will correspond to your keyboard size. Some keyboards will have a couple extra keys on either endthat are partial octaves and do not count towards the complete octaves of that keyboard.Numbered Notes 1 Octave on a Piano

  3. Determine Keyboard Size

    25 key = 2 octaves (1 additional key on the right)37 key = 3 octaves (1 additional key on the right)49 key = 4 octaves (1 additional key on the right)61 key = 5 octaves (1 additional key on the right)76 key = 5 octaves (8 additional key to the left & 3 on the right)88 key = 7 octaves (3 additional key to the left & 1 on the right)

  4. Video

  • A piano keyboard of any size
  • One set of Numbered Notes or Lettered Piano Keyboard Stickers would help but are not necessary.