Numbered Notes is numbered music notation that is easier to play.

1. Beginner (easy to play “numbered-notes” and “lyrics”)

Numbered stickers make it easy…

Cool sticker designs make it fun and easier to play songs!

This is what a numbered keyboard looks like. Numbered notes with “octave lines” designate what range the note is in. Lines on the left are LOWER, no lines is the MIDDLE and lines on the right are HIGHER pitch notes. The number of octave lines tell you what specific range the note is in. For example, an eight with two octave lines on the right is the 8 note two octaves to the right. Use the numbers and the “octave lines” to know what note to play.

Click to play on phone or computer…

Video lessons get you started…

Start learning how to read and play music with Numbered Notes. Free video lessons!

Playing music by number is easy with Numbered Notes. Get your piano keyboard stickers and get started playing fun songs in just minutes!

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