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Numbered Notes works by matching number-music-notation from the sheet music to the numbered-stickers on the piano keyboard enabling one to play the piano by number. Above all this new method accelerates learning enabling beginners to successfully play music the first time they try it. Because of this, it creates engagement and cultivates lifelong learning. Therefore those who are just starting to play music have a successful first experience helping to build a positive foundation for future learning. For more information on how Numbered Notes sheet music works click here.

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Free Video Lessons

So lets start with the beginner video lesson. Discover what you can expect once you’ve begun your musicians journey with The Numbered Notes Method. After that you’ll need to find Middle C, Here’s the video lesson.


Piano Keyboard Stickers

In a package of our Piano Keyboard Stickers there are enough stickers for up to a 7 octave keyboard. Piano Keyboard Stickers will work on 25, 37, 49, 61, 76, 88 key keyboards.

Our patented method of numbered-music-notation makes it easy for total beginners to play their favorite songs in just minutes.  Therefore you need NO previous music experience!

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Piano App

Numbered Notes free piano app is adding new themes every month. If you have any ideas for a theme you would like to see, please share your ideas. Additionally if you have songs you would like us to add to our music library send those ideas as well. We highly recommend getting a set of our numbered Piano Key Stickers for your home piano. Having the stickers will give you a better opportunity to learn more of the technical aspect of playing music and the opportunity to use both hands when playing. You can find and purchase a set here at our Amazon Store.

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Finally play the Numbered Notes App on ANY DEVICE! Learn more with our free VIDEO LESSONS and free downloadable SHEET MUSIC!