Happy Birthday

How to Play Happy Birthday


Time Needed : 10 minutes

How to Play Happy Birthday

  1. Sing Out Song

    Learn how to sing out the numbers from the sheet music using the short video in step 2.

    Over Shoulder Numbered Notes Sheet Music Happy Birthday

  2. Two Minute sing along video

    Watch this short video.

    1. Sing out the lyrics of the song row by row.
    (this will familiarize you with lyrics and melody)

    2. Sing out the numbers of the song.
    (This will familiarize you with the specific number sequence)

    3. Look at the keyboard diagram to see what piano keys to play.
    (while singing out the numbers)

    Thumbnail for sing along video happy birthday numbered notes sheet music

  3. View and Print Sheet Music

    Click the image to open a larger view or
    Right click on image below and select “Save Image As” from menu.
    Then save image to desktop.
    Once saved open image so you have a larger view of the sheet music
    or print out sheet music.

    Happy Birthday Sheet Music Numbered Notes Beginner

  4. Use Numbered Notes Piano Keyboard Stickers!

    Optionally, you can apply Numbered Notes piano keyboard stickers to the keys.
    Click the image below to view or purchase a set.
    Having the stickers will make playing Happy Birthday on piano easy.
    Simply match the numbers from the Happy Birthday sheet music to the numbered piano keys.

  • Either use the piano app at the top of the page or a piano keyboard at home.
  • Print free Happy Birthday numbered sheet music.
  • Optional is a set of Numbered Notes piano keyboard stickers.
    They come in numbered and lettered notes versions.
    Click the image in step 4 to view the Numbered Notes piano keyboard stickers.