Musician’s Journey

Are you ready to go from humble beginnings to Rock Star?  You may have to pay your dues taking lessons, getting rejected and playing some questionable gigs.  But its the sweet pleasure and pain of being a musician….



playing music for grandma

Grandma thinks you got talent….
You see her playing the piano and bang away at a few notes of your own. You play a couple notes right and Grandma says “your fantastic”. She gives you a beginner song to see how you do….


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.40.03 AM

Music with Grandma level.  Song: Eensie Weensie Spider. Pass 50%












Grandma introduces you to her friend from the grocery store named Mrs. Chan. She is very patient and helps you build your basic skills. She was in a band that sang songs about water related themes.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.40.03 AM

Lesson With Mrs. Chan. Song: Row Row Row your Boat. Pass at 55 % or better.










Recital for parents
Mr’s Chan thinks you are ready to play for an audience. You are SOOOOO nervous playing in front of people for the first time. Your little brother sits in the front row picking his nose while your parents video record you from their phones. Pass at: 65%

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.40.03 AM

Recital with Parents









Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.40.03 AM

Private Lesson with Mi Ling. Pass at 90%

private music lesson

Private Lesson with Mrs Chan’s grand daughter Mi Ling
After the recital Mrs. Chan thinks you need some lessons to improve your skills. She has you train with her grand daughter Mi Ling. Mi Ling is very technical and has you practice the “proper” way of doing things. She is demanding and gives blunt but constructive advice. Pass at 90%










Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.40.03 AM

Middle School try-outs. Pass 80%

middle school band tryouts

You take several more lessons and by the time you get to middle school you are pretty good. You decide to try out for the school band. The band teacher’s name is Mr. Boggs and he is very serious about playing with “good posture”. If he catches you slouching you have to fold up the chairs after practice. You are excited about this try out and want to show him what you have learned. Pass at 70%.

These levels not available yet….

garage band 1

Garage Band.
You and some buddies start a garage band. If you move the bike outside you have enough room for an 3rd guitarist. Your band is called the “Good Apples” as a play on the saying “A few bad apples spoil the batch”. As you guys are playing a couple of the adults from the area listen in to see how you guys sound. Pass 80%


kids birthday party

Birthday party gig for Joshua.
One of the fathers in the neighborhood heard you playing and wanted to hire you to play for his kid’s birthday party. Her name is Megan and she loves bubbles. Pass at 80%

wedding band

Wedding gig.
Dave and Sarah are getting married and the band is playing wedding songs and sappy ballads. If pass guest at wedding invites you to play at his dive bar…the “Musty Hooch” on free snack night (snack provider is paid sponsor) pass 85%


Battle of the Bands competition. Time to do battle against the other band. Score 90% or better. Try to get three of your other friends to pass this level with you. Pass = 90%


stadium gig1

Popular Club
Now that you have won a battle of the bands you get to open for a big artist (sponsor) in front of a large audience. This pays good and you get $ for upgrades. Agent hears you and offers your last minute guest spot of TV show (sponsor). Pass 88%.

Play Late Night Show gig

Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Letterman, Connan, others. Could relate to who ever is on their schedule for that week. You could open for them in previous level. Pass 90%

stadium gig4

Stadium Gig
You get huge fans from playing show and are offered a stadium gig. You can spend points buying Limmo, Private Jet, make crazy demands, try “acting” have manager. Pass 92%

Solo Single “It’s all about me”
You “take a break from the band to release solo single “It’s all about me”


reunion tour2

Reunion Tour
After a while of you and the band going your separate ways you “get the band back together” for fundraiser (money really goes to music education charity). Pass NA.


mentor gig2

You teach/mentor beginner
While doing some charity work at a school you notice a kid “banging away” at the piano and you go over to offer some pointers. (you can give app points to fellow app user for them to use going forward) This could be to a known friend or a total stranger. Pass=NA