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Numbered Notes on Guitar

6 string5 string4 string3 string2 string1 string
'5 'E'10 'A3 D8 G12 B5' E'
'6 F'11491' C'6' F'
'7'12 'B5 E10 A2'7'
'8 G1 C6 F113' D'8' G'
'92712 B4'9'
'10 'A3 D8 G1' C'5' E'10' A'
'11492'6' F'11'
'12 'B5 E10 A3' D'7'12' B'
1 C6 F114'8' G'1'' C''
2712 B5' E'9'2''
3 D8 G1' C'6' F'10' A'3'' D''
5 E10 A3' D'8' G'12' B'5'' E''
6 F114'9'1'' C''6'' F''
712 B5' E'10' A'2''7''

Guitar Stickers
Each string is tuned to a specific note.  These are the notes at the top of the fret diagram in the top left part of the Guitar Stickers image below.


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